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Light Reaction

Light Reaction is a traditional music duo based in western MA. I designed CD graphics and a web site for the release of their first CD. Working from some distinctive photos of leaves and sky, I created a design to highlight the saturated blues and greens of the natural forms against a simple textured greyscale background. The web site is powered by WordPress, and includes a gig calendar, music player, retina-display optimized photos and graphics, a responsive design, and a blog-like section for the client to post sound recordings.

Pinewoods Camp, Inc.

Pinewoods Camp is a traditional dance and music camp facility in Plymouth, Massachusetts and a non-profit organization. I worked with the Executive Director and members of the Board to complete a major redesign of their web site during 2013. This project involved several components:

  • creating a visual layout that conveyed an accurate sense of Pinewoods Camp as a place
  • assisting the clients with organizing content in order to create a clear menu structure and page hierarchy
  • building a WordPress template to provide accessible tools for managing the various types of content

The new Pinewoods Camp web site includes a very wide range of content and functionality, almost all of which can be edited and managed by the client through the WordPress interface. The site is built based on a responsive design framework to look great on a wide range of devices.

Fox and Branch

Fox and Branch are a nationally-known, Milwaukee-based folk duo performing music for children and for grownups. I designed a major update of their web site with a rich color scheme, upgraded functionality, a responsive layout, and improved navigability. The site is powered by WordPress so the clients can easily update content, and includes an automated gig calendar, music player, embedded photos and videos, and a booking form. The design features beautiful band photos by Jen Husz combined with rich textures, distinctive fonts, and some subtle shadows to create depth.

Inquiry & Learning for Change

I constructed a new web site for consulting and coaching organization Inquiry & Learning for Change. Beginning with a unique logo image (the “3 winged bird”) and a collection of dynamic photographs from actual consulting projects, I developed a clean layout that highlights the site content. Subtle textures, opacity, and shadows provide depth and help to organize the site while a simple grey/green/black color scheme gives it a professional look. Built in WordPress, the site includes a rotating slideshow, a blog, project lists, recommendations and testimonials, and other information, all easily editable by the client. In addition, I coded the site using Foundation, a responsive web design framework that enables the site to look and feel great on a variety of devices, from large desktop monitors down to small smartphones.

Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem

I constructed a brand new web site for Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem to coordinate with the release of the band’s new recording. Built around lovely photographs by Joanna Chattman, the design features highly textured patterns and vaguely floral elements; a rich, contrasting green and orange color scheme; and borders, lines and buttons with a hand-drawn feel. The site is built in WordPress so the band members can update it easily. It includes a wide range of features, including a blog with comment functionality, online store, pop-up jukebox, photo and video galleries, gig calendar, email list signup, rotating press quotes, reviews, and downloadable photos and press kit for promoters. One of my most involved projects to date, this site for one of my favorite bands was a pleasure to work on. I hope you’ll check it out!

Brattleboro Dawn Dance

I redesigned the web site for the Brattleboro Dawn Dance, a twice-annual all-night contra dance event. The new design features a textured look and earth-tone color scheme, with shadows and text beveling to give the layout a sense of depth. I incorporated a sun logo which the Dawn Dance has used for many years and which is based on a wood block print by Mary Azarian. The site includes online ticket sales, posts for news and updates about the events, a schedule of performers, email list integration, and a drop-down menu structure. I also created a new poster design for the Dawn Dance in 2012 with the logo and fonts similar to the new web site design.

Jesse Readlynn

I created a WordPress web site for trumpeter and music teacher Jesse Readlynn. Jesse developed a design concept and a mockup of the site he wanted, and I worked from that to build a WordPress template. The site has a minimalist greyscale theme with just a touch of color, and includes a rotating slideshow on the home page, a contact form and music samples on each page, and a dynamic gig calendar.

Peter Siegel

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Peter Siegel hired me to redesign the look and feel of his web site. He already had a WordPress site up and running including a blog, gig calendar, and multiple pages and posts already published. I created a custom WordPress theme with a textured, hand-painted feel, including a taped paper image for the sidebar widgets, a footer with music samples, and social media and contact icons on every page. The new theme integrated with Peter’s existing content, giving the site a completely new look while maintaining the published posts and pages.


CDSS (the Country Dance and Song Society) is a non-profit based in Western Massachusetts that promotes traditional music and dance. In 2010 I designed a membership brochure for the organization to promote their affiliate membership services. The brochure incorporated images of dance and music activities, as well as text describing the benefits of membership. I designed the layout, created the color scheme, and chose appropriate photos, as well as doing significant text writing and editing.

In 2013 I designed the CDSS year-end Annual Appeal fundraising brochure. The brochure included photos from a range of the activities CDSS promotes, as well as targeted text; I created versions of the design for print and to be featured on the CDSS web site. Also in 2013 I designed a new logo for CDSS’ 100 year anniversary.


Housetop is a Brattleboro-based swing vocal quartet. In 2011 I designed the CD graphics for their first CD, Two Foot Jumpin. I also created a web site and a poster design for the band incorporating many of the images from the CD package. The band commissioned an original digital collage by Matt Maranian. Matt’s design of a rooftop, chimney, moon, stars, and text became the basis for the CD cover, web site, and poster designs. I modified Matt’s art to fit the  CD layout, adjusting colors, proportions, and textures. I also extrapolated elements from his work to create the “village skyline” that can be seen on the inside of the CD package.

The Housetop web site builds on the same graphic concepts, and features a gig calendar, music samples, online store, and band photos. It is built in WordPress so the band can maintain and update it on their own.

Ten Speed Farm

Ten Speed Farm is a small Brattleboro-area farm run by Rebecca Lay selling vegetables in a modified CSA system. In 2008 I designed a web site, logo (based on drawings by Anna Patton), and advertising postcard for the farm’s first commercial season. In 2010 I completed a redesign of the web site, transitioning it into WordPress for easy updating by the client, and creating a new layout and visual structure based on a farm notebook. Handwritten text headers and menu links give the site a personal feel, while the WordPress system allows Rebecca to post weekly news updates throughout the season. The site also integrates a mailing list signup form, a pop-up photo viewer, and a dynamic event calendar for Rebecca’s dance calling performances.


Elixir is a New England-based, nationally touring contra dance band (of which I am a member). I created a web site for the band in 2007, and completed major redesigns on the site in 2008 and 2010. The current version is powered by WordPress, and includes an online store selling CDs, music downloads, and T-shirts; an embedded gig calendar that syncs with Google Calendar and band members’ desktop calendar applications; a photo and video gallery; streaming music samples; and much more. I designed the CD packaging for both of Elixir’s album releases, created the design for the band’s T-shirts and business cards, and produced dozens of posters for Elixir tours, performances, and other events.

Youth Dance Weekend

Youth Dance Weekend is an annual youth-focused traditional dance and music festival that takes places in central Vermont. Since its start in 2008 I have designed and maintained the web site for the festival, as well as producing T-shirts, posters, postcards, and other promotional materials for use in print and online. The current revision of the YDW web site includes more than a dozen pages, a blog-like section for posting discussion notes and recipes, online event registration and payment, photo gallery, mailing list signup, and many other features. It is built in WordPress and editable by the members of the YDW organizing committee.

Becky Graber

I designed a web site for Brattleboro-based musician and storyteller Becky Graber in the spring of 2011. Becky brought some lovely photos from a photo shoot with Jeff Woodward that inspired the rest of the design. The photos featured rich colors and clean backgrounds, and so I developed a site concept with a similar feel. I worked with Becky to organize her content into categories and to match text with appropriate photos. I built the site in WordPress so Becky could update it easily, and created a dynamic events calendar and online store.

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